plant your yoga allowance for earth day

reduce your carbon footprint & help the environment through a home practice on earth day. go on, get outside - in your backyard, on the sidewalk, or wherever you can find some sunshine - & get grounded with an asana ecosystem of vrksanas, tadasanas & surya mamaskaras to salute the environment & all of the animal poses you can think of to honor the wildlife that put up with all-things human. then take those funds, that you would have spent either at the studio or the deli (when you are grabbing a post-yoga snack), & donate them to american forests.

the yogadeal: give a little green to plant a little more green. since every dollar counts, dedicate some of your greenbacks this earth day to the birthday planet (it's on thursday, 4/22 in case you forgot).


unlimited yoga classes for $25 a month on your schedule

are the days getting away from you? no matter how early you get into the office or how much you plan, do you always seem to just miss making it to the studio for yoga class?
(confession: this scenario is more of a self-tale, kind of like when you are looking for advice about a 'friend's problem'...)

if you find yourself in the same nava (read: boat), yogavibes is your lifeguard.
yoga class can be just an internet stream away.

offers an a-to-z list of yoga styles with a slew of well-known instructors, like ana forrest, kathryn budig & sadie nardini, all sorted into 3 difficulty levels for your searching convenience.

the yogadeal: $25 a month gets you unlimited access to the 85 classes currently on the site, or you can always window shop by checking out the shorter, FREE vignettes (read: mini sessions). try yogavibes, it can bring class to you when you can't seem to get to it.


energize your asana with a veggie smoothie

ever have a veggie smoothie?
does that sound gross?
well it's not, so don't knock it until you try it.

this recipe is the 'gateway smoothie' to help you come over to the veggie-side, plus making it at home you can save the environment & a few spendy bucks!

here's what you'll need to start you off:
1 small cucumber (or half of a large one) - peeled if not organic

1 generous handful of spinach (washed of course)

1 avocado

1/2 a lemon

a little water (like half a cup)

and now what to do:
  1. wash your veggies
  2. get your blender out
  3. cut cucumber into chunks
  4. de-pitt avocado (& yes, de-skin it too), cut into chunks
  5. place the spinach in the blender first, then pile in the cucumber & avocado
  6. add in water
  7. squeeze the lemon over the veggies in the blender
  8. put the top on the blender & smoothify your veggies
  9. pour into 1 large glass (or 2 smaller glass to share) or you can pour it in a bowl to enjoy it as a cold soup (great for hot days!)
the yogadeal: you get 3 servings of veggies in a guilt-free smoothie with no hidden sugars via your own kitchen, saving your wallet from the spendy juice bar. for more great juice & veggie smoothie recipes, pick up a copy of 'jucing, fasting, & detoxing for life.' for just $14.99 it even gives you specific cleanses to target each part of your digestive system & gives you some great charts on what veggies have which superpowers (as in what vitamins they are packed with).


enjoy namast-eggs on easter

hoppy easter everyone!

for all of those celebrating the religious holiday or just enjoy a glorious sunday, the folks at three minute egg are offer a sale even the vegan can enjoy. personally, allergic to eggs this is the only way i like my eggs served.

for the full yogadeal product review, check out this previous post.
the yogadeal: use coupon code: easter2010 for 10% off & free shipping on domestic orders, but hurry because this offer is only valid for today, easter sunday (4/4/2010).