props to gaiam

gaiam was one of the first companies i knew to make yoga products for the masses. in fact, i think my first (pvc -eek!) mat was gaiam. and just recently i picked up some inexpensive, eco-friendly yoga props from gaiam to better assist my private students with their practice.

i also stumbled upon their website, gaiam.com, and
like the rest of the post-christmas retail world, gaiam is also offering some great savings!

deals: take an extra 30% off already reduced outlet prices for savings as much as 70% off, plus receive FREE 2-day FedEx upgrade.


ringing in the new year, by cleansing out the old

in attempts to have a fresh start in 2009, i am planning a cleanse for a clean slate. & so, i have begun scouring the web for different options because i am not sure if i want to repeat the master cleanse. personally, i like to chew, taste & swallow food, so i don't now if i can go the complete liquid route this time.

i stumbled upon totalhealthsecrets.com, a really great site with many options & resources for cleansing as well as organic supplements. there are
even a few books (like the one in the pic to the left) about cleansing that i am strongly considering adding to my library in hopes of finding my perfect cleanse.

although i haven't tried any of these cleanse systems, i am very interested in the healthforce cleanse (2 week program). they are a bit pricier than the master cleanse (a few lemons, syrup, cayenne pepper & some tea), but i feel like they offer a healthier, more balanced option for sustaining the benes of a cleanse after the cleanse.

fortunately, our friends over at totalhealthsecrets.com are willing to offer yogadeals readers (that's you!) a 10% discount through 12.31.2008! i will keep you posted on what i test out.

in the meantime, does anyone have any cleanse programs they love?

does anyone want to join me on my cleanse starting friday 01.09.2009?

deal: shop the products online, then when youare ready to order, call 510.653.5050 (m-f; 10:00-5:30 pst) and mention the yogadeals 10% discount!


yoga city, our new virtual playground

finally! a website/community dedicated just to nyc yogi(ni)s! created by the fabulous brette & minna, their brand new site for busy, multi-tasking nyc yoga-doers is a super efficient way to access your options, find a way to start a yoga practice, take it to the next level, prevent injuries, find it on the cheap and pretty much everything yoga inbetween & of course coupons to sweeten any moment when you are looking for yogic bliss.

i can't wait to explore!

deals: thru
january 16, yogacitynyc is offering a special launch discount of 50% on ALL NEW PAID MEMBERSHIPS (don't worry this is just for those who want post/list their class/other yoga offerings, otherwise it's free!). use the promotion code: 1011 on the checkout page when paying.


urban organic - not an oxymoron, but delivery in nyc

just because i am not a sustainable farmer (although some do exist even in nyc), doesn't mean i am not obsessed with eating like one. urbanorganic.com is a grocery delivery service that helps me do just this & conveniently!

this brooklyn-based company delivers fresh season produce to your door with a option of box sizes. i opt for the 'original value box' and get a delivery every two weeks of fresh veggies and fruit for about $37, including the $2 delivery fee. this delivery has been a saving grace on hectic days when grocery shopping is the last thing i want to spend my free moment on, even though i know the fridge is an empty lot.

worried you'll get the one veggie you hate? urbanorganic.com omits that by offering you up to three 'no's' so you never get stuck with a veggie you don't like.

the pluses
+prompt, reliable delivery
+quality produce

+great variety
+good portions

+everything is organic

+other grocery items (i.e. milk) can be added to your order
+can cancel deliveries two days before

the minuses
-support line never gets you to a person only a voicemail
-one-time $25 setup fee

deals: if you refer a friend, you get a free box!


finding inner rewards in a time of outward chaos

the economic downturn in our environment has led many of us to go in - stay in on weekends, in the gym, in the zone - basically to inwardly reflect; really stripping us down to what is important in our lives, how we can live better & basically not go crazy. luckily there are inner rewards to be found or rather a new nationwide website to explore. the beta version of innerrewards.com offers you a community of similar minded folks, topic variety & destinations for helping you on your own self-centered journey (do not confuse with selfish)! think of it as a citysearch.com or yelp.com for those looking for a wholesome lifestyle, but you can also shop directly online - pretty much a one stop shop!

deal: innerrewards is doing a VIP promotion where if you contribute content, they will provide you with a free spa service (up to $200) of your choice. check here for the deets: http://www.innerrewards.com/about/bloggers/.


no fear - tips for the new yogi are here

  1. start simple - seek out a studio that offers a beginner's class (aka yoga basics) this will allow you to explore your yoga without intimidation of what other more seasoned yogis may bring to their practice and build a strong asana foundation (the community section of craigslist.org and yogafinder.com are great places to start for local offerings).
  2. let your body tell your mind - for an hour out of your day, allow your body to feel and tell your mind how to feel rather than your mind controlling your every moment.
  3. breathe easy - despite your eagerness, the breath is the most important part of your practice. if you find yourself constricting or even stop breathing, back out of the pose otherwise you might pass out in 'attempted pretzel.'
  4. child's pose is your friend - fight your ego, listen to your body and embrace child's pose. this pose is great for resetting your body and mind, so if your thoughts begin to wander, come back to your inner child and find center.
  5. be prepared - come with an open mind, a clean body, use the restroom and blow your nose before you enter class, and limit heavy meals for 2 hours prior to your time on the mat.
  6. resist resistance - embrace this new journey and allow yourself to just experience your new practice - your openess will set you free! leave your judgments at the door.
  7. comfort is key - dress in layers of light weight clothing so that you can remove and add clothing as your body heats up and cools down. regardless of the many options, yoga isn't a fashion contest but a self-practice (however if you are looking for some apparel inspiration check out victoria keen - she's having a sale on her very unique line!)
  8. props - a mat and bare feet are pretty much the only props you'll need! many studios offer mat rentals if you not ready to invest in your yogic real estate just yet. other props that are helpful include: straps, blocks and blankets.
  9. water breaks - come to class hydrated and try to limit water breaks until after class.
  10. commit to the whole class - svasana, the final resting pose, is critical to your practice, don't skip out on it - it's not a nap, but a time for your body to absorb your practice and learn.


why eagles don't get cellulite

ok, i don't have the answer for that question, but eagle is the yoga pose that can help you prevent cellulite! i was in a vinyasa flow class today taught by marco rojas at equinox and he passed along that little tidbit to us!

it actually makes so much sense! since your gluteous maximus as well as your meaty hammies are all wrapped up tightly in this pose, it can definitely wake up an lazy cells! and if you incorporate the eagle arms as well, you can help prevent the wobbly arms that keep waving after you stop (you know what i'm talking about)... now i don't have any scientific info to back this up (yet), but hey it's free, simple and you can do it while watching tv!

check out yogajournal.com for tips on how-to soar like an eagle!

if you have any scientific, yogi-nerd data to add to this, please share!!!


living small

as an nyc citizen for the past 9 years, i have adapted rather well to living small. i actually don't know what i would do with more space (i have a hard enough time cleaning what i have!). and although i do enjoy my urban jungle, i am hoping one day to actually a little getaway bungalow in some tropical, sunshiny place, which is why i have become fascinated by the tiny and small homes that tumbleweed tiny house company offers! ranging from a meager 65 sq ft to a cozy couple hundred feet, i find my mind drifting to one day buying one of these plans... it would make a perfect little yoga retreat, of course my guests would need to pass a close quarters for compatibility - maybe there will a yogamates.com has something like that...

for home plans - sizes xs - small, check out: tumbleweedhouses.com

where would you build your mini nest?


danku very much, for not so much

i have been doing stalker-esque 'walk-bys' of this place since i saw it's trademarked word: naturalicious on the building's facade. nestled between the regular overpriced cafes and spendy restaurants lies a new gem in midtown, which just opened on 12.01.2008!

danku, the dutch word for - you guessed it - thank you - is the new place to eat healthy and delicious food in midtown.

they are eco-friendly with their packaging and organic as possible with there food/beverage assortment. plus their staff is surprisingly warm and fuzzy, they have an inviting communal style dining area, and best of all, their prices are reasonable!!!

i enjoyed 2 delcious, spinach/artichoke krokets with the combo side salad and an organic, fair-trade coffee for all under $10! to top that, i still have the side salad (a healthy portion), which is filled with organic, seasonal veggies to eat for lunch tomorrow! caffeine and lunch for two days, what more could i ask for - oh, i know... a location downtown!!!

danku. danku very much.

lululemon in soho offers 30% off to fitness instructors

who: yoga, pilates & fitness instructors + personsal trainers

what: 30% off non-sale lululemon merchandise

when: thursday, 12.04.2008: 10am - 8pm (est)

where: lululemon athletica soho (481 broadway, just south of broome)

how: go to the store & shop for yourself (they don't allow gift buying); bring proof with you (i.e. paystub, class schedule)

why: quality fitness attire that lasts, might as well get a discount on it!


happy hairless holidays

shobha, the hair removal company with a cult-following in nyc, is now becoming more accessible to the masses, even beyond the b-n-t commuters (bridge & tunnel)! shobha now offers it's all-natural, professional grade sugaring gel for home use, in a super cute kit for just $30! so delicious you can lick off any remaining sugaring gel, because yes, it is completely edible!

they also have some great aftercare products to help fight ingrown hairs onceyou finally rid yourself of the extra fur - my personal favorites are the exfoliating cloth & ingrown relief lotion.

deals: spend $50, save $10; spend $100, save $20; free shipping on orders over $35!

check out www.myshobha.com for great products & info on hair removal.