morning yo! the seattle wednesday phyzzle

since we are located in nyc - we have started looking to other fellow tweeters to find out what yogadeals are happening in their hoods.

enter karen of @phyzzyoga.

on wednesday mornings, at seattle's supercool superfood nutritition bar, healeo, karen teaches 'morning yo!' consider it the yogi's morning jolt; a 35-minute, non-mat asana of pranayama breathing & standing poses (only) followed by a deliciously nutritious liquid breakfast.

the yoga deal: for early birds only.... arrive at 7:15am on wednesdays at healeo & for just $12 you can enjoy karen's 'hump day smoothie class' along with [yes, you guessed it] a superfood smoothie/drink/tea from healeo's menu.

also we wanted to give a special 'THANK YOU, YOU'RE AWESOME' to phyzzyoga for donating to the boomerang yoga fundraiser for bent on learning (btw, there is still time to donate if you are able)!

remember sharing is caring, what yogadeals are happening in your hood? email us at yogadeals@gmail.com.


who said yogis don't wear ties?

don't let work tie you down this week. try a new look this fall - grab any ol' tie & use it as a retro prop for your yoga practice!

go ahead, find the ugliest one in your closet (or your dad's, significant other's, etc.) & embrace it as your new favorite yoga strap.

then extend & streeeeetch those hammies out, open up those shoulders - but not your piggy bank. heck, even practice your tying skills if you need to shorten it - talk about multi-tasking....


yoga to the rescue - nyc events to benefit others

happy global mala day everyone! fashion week is over & now yogis are taking over nyc! check out these great (some are free!) events that are going on to raise spirits & funds now that autumn (& my allergies) are back for the season:

boomerang yoga sun salute-a-thon
where: equinox fitness soho

when: sunday, september 20th
what (time): 3pm-6pm

what (is going on): 108 sun salutation (& variations) taught by equinox yoga teachers (i am a personal fan!) while derek beres djs his global beats
what else: music, prizes, yummy nibbles, gift bags, & yoga (duh)

why: raise $$ for bent on learning

sponsor yogadeals, please donate to our mat here!


sangha yoga shala open house & autumn party
where: williamsburg
when: tuesday, september 22nd
what (time): 7:00pm
what (is going on): free yoga class (7:30pm -required pre-register info@sanghayoganyc.com), nibbly bits (read: food), music & giveaways
why: raise $$ for maria my love & i(2)y

new field yoga grand opening
where: fi-di (as in downtown - a reason for yogis to the wall st area)
when: wednesday, september 29th (although the studio is open starting 9/21!)
what (time): 6:00pm - 9:00pm
what (is going on): grand openining festivities
why: raise $$ for sunflower children - all proceeds from 9/29 will be generously donated


removing mental blocks - simply

you may say that i have a slight obsession with journals - i love the way they look, feel & how each has its own special something. so much so that i often assign specific journals to just one theme (read: so i can rationalize the purchase of another one...).

but sometimes, no matter how pretty the page, i get blocked & am at a loss for words. so i was thrilled to find simple diary, it's like the madlibs for your life. each page you get to fill-in the blanks based on random questions. you can either leave the thoughts simple, or use it as a way of brainstorming ideas, reflecting on specific life events in one of the other blank journals that are just waiting to be filled, use it as an idea for a blog entry &/or an intention for your yoga practice!

yoga deal: save time & money - consider simple diary a writer's workshop on your time on the cheap ($14.99) which comes in a rainbow of colors & volume 1 is now available at target! (wonder what awaits us in volume 2)


om factory now manufacturing antigravity

gravity pulling you down? say 'om' & then say 'weeee' as you soar to new levels in your asana practice with a cirque de-surreal yoging perspective.

tomorrow i will be heading to om factory in nyc to try out antigravity yoga, said to be an uplifting experience that complements many other styles of asana. i'm not sure what to expect, but i heart yoga AND swings - so i think this is just the perfect combination!

christopher harrison, the founder of antigravity yoga now teaches a handful of classes (himself!) at om factory.

the yoga deal: i will be using my yoga passbook for a free class tomorrow, but you can also take advantage of their $30 trial week for new students which includes 1 antigravity class!

stay tuned for report on how yoga takes flight!

anyone else try it yet?


prance into fall with a teacher discount

prancing leopard, a new eco-conscious line of creative active wear, that debuted on the fitness catwalk this summer, now offers an amazing opportunity for yoga teachers!

here are the deets on their program, straight from the cat's meow:

prancing leopard believes yoga, dance, pilates, & other mind-body fitness instructors are the unsung heros of a broad awakening around the world.

if you are an active certified instructor, teaching at least three times a week, you are eligible to purchase one set of our clothes at 30% off.

as a thank you for your efforts as a teacher, we will make a contribution to you for each sale where an online customer designates you their favorite teacher. as a registered leopard teacher, you can be sure these contributions will reach you.

interested? then fill out our instructor form & tell us something about yourself!

after reviewing your info, we will inform you how to get your clothes!


now this: multi-vitamins for yogis

'roids for yogis?

you've seen 'em everywhere & everyday there seems to be another niche in the vitamin market that can enhance the lifestyles of muscle men, menopausal women & now yogis.

new to the scene is truebloom, which has created 3 unique vita-blends to form the power trio that they call 'the yoga nutrient suite' consisting of vitalize, balance & rejuvenate. each 'flavor' provides antioxidants, omega fatty acids & probiotics from organic fruit & herb seeds.

although i have no personal feedback about them, if you don't get everything from just eating your wheaties, truebloom might be a good route to take toward a nutritional boost & maybe even give you the asana edge your looking for...

the yoga deal in honor of yoga month:
  • for yoga students: truebloom is offering 25% off & free shipping [enter code: celebrate]
  • for the yoga teachers: truebloom is offering 50% off & free shipping [contact truebloom]
  • check out their other ongoing programs & discounts