patience in the present

dear thrifty yogis & yoginis,

i wanted to give everyone a head's up on the mia yogadealer (read: me). i am in the midst of a move (the unpacking is almost over) & i have yet to officially connect to the interwebs other than via my phone. so in this challenging moment, i ask for your patience & promise some good posts in the next few days!



how-to be a gangsta on the mat - a splurge worthy find

although a little spendier than the usual yoga deal, spiritual gangster is bad ass(ana) & in my book - worthy of the splurge. they offer a variety of shirts (many of which are already sold out). this burnt-out, unisexy baseball long-sleeve tee really caught my eye as i love the message & the look (read: win-win!). so if there are any secret admirers wanting to send me a last minute valentine my address is...

the yogadeal: for $44, it's a comfy shirt that is so much fun, is likely to catch others off guard & will definitely remain in your wardrobe for years to come. (even though it looks like they are all sold out on their site, you can still get the tees here!)


the meditator's mix tape

with mix tapes & now even cds, things of the past, the underlying theme still remains - making a thoughtful compliation of music for someone you care for truly, madly &/or deeply. modern meditations has taken it one step further, creating unique renditions of top tunes from today's (& yesterday's) pop culture. with a tag line of breathe in, rock out plus songs from coldplay, the beatles, u2, & radiohead, they may have just tapped yogi & yogini's infinite playlist.

the yogdeal: 4 fresh takes on albums worthy of asana flow - each for $17.


50 hands-on how-tos for your valentine

dabble in the language of love this valentine's day with a fun take on the kama sutra! true story - i first found this deck of cards from chronicle books while at an airport in athens, greece back in 2004, so i purchased my set there, but the great news is that it is also available in the states.

the deck of 50 cards not only translates the ancient text into digestible pieces, it also gives suggested activities & even a playlist of songs to help set the mood.

the yogadeal: for only $14.95, show your love this v-day to your yogi because these 50 cards mean (& illustrate how) you want that special someone to be yours a lot more than just the normal one valentine.