victoria keen store closing sale 50-80% off

much like one's yoga practice, life is all about living in the present moment & so after 6 years of nuturing her nolita boutique, victoria keen, has chosen a new path. but not to worry the victoria's yoga line will not disappear, you'll be able to find it at trunk shows, working on her blog & creating a cyber-site for some vk-therapy. while the future looks shiny & sparkly for victoria keen fans, you can now enjoy 50-90% off never before seen samples & some phenom tie-dyed sheet sets that have never been put out & much more, but hurry the store is closing around december 1st so get your asana over to victoria keen, 357 lafayette, nyc.

the yoga deal: items now on sale, starting as low as $5. there is also a rumor of a closing sample sale - so stay tuned!


om gobble gobble om

my plan for the next few days:
eat (mindfully)
eat (mindfully)
check out my recent posts as the 'ny yoga examiner' for examiner.com!

what are your plans?


mexican hot chocolate for yogis

spice up a chilly evening with yogi tea's new flavor, mexican sweet chili. peppered with fiery herbs, with a sweet kiss of cocoa, this tea is perfect for the vegan or lactose-intolerant hot chocolate-lover. add a touch of milk (kind of your choice) for a creamier treat.

not a tea lover? try some calorie-free yogichocolate.

the yogadeal: order online from one of my fave e-tailers, luckyvitamin for just $2.33 (waaay cheaper than a hot chocolate from starbucks).


skip the antiperspirant & just let it be known - i love sweat

ok, i'm actually not a huge sweater (read: one who perspires, not an article of clothing), but i do like building heat in my yoga practice & i secretly love when i help my students break a sweat.

nonetheless, some great yoga-beater (read: tank top) designs are to be found at ilovesweat.com. the bikram-loving founder even created an ingenious way to fund a friend for yoga teacher training by charging $5 more per shirt - because school is expensive!

the yogadeal: tanks start at just $15 a piece!


sweet moisturization in minutes

channel your inner-winnie the pooh & take a scoop of the honey, usually reserved for your post yoga workout-tea treat & massage it on your face as a mini-masque (make sure to wash your face first).

honey has natural moisturizing properties, making it an excellent weapon to combat the chilly weather ahead of us. keep the sticky-goodness on for about 15 minutes & then simply wash away with warm water to feel the moisture.

the yogadeal: chances are honey is already in your cubbard, so give it a whirl without dipping into your pockets.


$5 fierce asana + jeWELLery

be well with arielle is kicking off their launch event with some kick asana by the fierceness that is sadie nardini. after an hour of heart-pumping yoga, get a sneak peek at arielle's line of jeWELLery that are eco-chic, chakra-inspired & sprinkled with some reiki love.

other karma-friendly companies making cameos at this event include:
generation love (organic t-shirts), this chick bakes (delicious vegan, gluten-free nibbly bits), plus a musical performance by some dude named jay. guess you'll have to check it out yourself to see what else awaits you!

the deets:
what: be well with arielle launch party
when: wednesday, 11/18 (yoga starts at 6:30pm, event follows at 7:30pm)
where: the fierce club
why: because you aspire to be yoga fabulous

the yogadeal: mention be well with arielle & 6:30pm yoga is only $5.


is that a rocket in your pocket...

or did you just nab 5 pocket-sized shobha sanitizers for $5?

- alcohol-free germ protection - a pleasant surprise from shobha, home of the hair removal clean freaks, keep these sanitizers handy if you are teaching yoga or fostering a communal mat during class. i like to spritz the unscented sanitizer on my hands & feet before & after i step on the mat or begin adjusting students.

yogadeal: 5 spritzers for $5 that's better than happy hour & it's hangover-free - you can't be that with 3 sticks (translation: it's unbeatable).


yoga playlist must-have - new norah jones!

chasing pirates, a new staple in my yoga playlist. norah jones is back & her album debuts on tuesday, november 17th! since it is an amazon exclusive (take that itunes bullies) you might as well go ahead & pre-order your download since there's no telling if it will make it to the land of apple.

yogadeal: melodic enjoyment on repeat for only $0.99 (or you can just press the play button & listen for free right now!).


dedicate your yoga practice to the veterans

in honor of veterans' day, i ask you to set a special intention for your practice today - peace. peace so that we can not only honor our veterans in memory, but to celebrate them & share in their lives.

too often we take for granted that day-in & day-out there are brave souls who dedicate each & everyday to our protection. so today, i ask you to dedicate your day to them.

open your heart & spread the peace - & of course volunteer in your own community whenever you are able.

fuel hump-day with trail mix

this post's for my mom who used to give me dried fruit instead of jelly beans in my easter basket...thank you.

i stumbled upon vivapura, a superfoods pantry, via my twitter followers...

located in the brick-n-mortar sense in patagonia, az, i was only able to explore their virtual shopping experience. vivapura specializes in organic, natural, energy-fueling foods like trail mix & they are offering 20% off all 1/2 & 1 lb their bags [enter coupon code "TrailMix20"].

the highlights:
  • free recipes for nutritious & delici-oso eats
  • free shipping on orders over $100
  • readily available specials that help you save up to 50% off featured items
  • a calendar of events, some even donation based, to get you on a healthier path (can you say - kick start your new year's resolution early? there really is no time like the present.)
i am planning to send some trail mix to my mom (who always has some hidden in her glove compartment) which 'flavor' should i pick?


how-to avoid the thong over pant in yoga class

you know you've witnessed it, experienced it or both (even simultaneously)... it's one thing to see undergarments poking out when you are strengthening, lengthening & stretching your limbs in yoga class, but it's when you see both the top & bottom of the under-loins (read: thong, fully-exposed) that the line must be drawn. true the thong does prevent the dreaded visible panty line (vpl) that could possibly throw off your concentration if your outfit effects your practice (we know, you're working on it), so here it is cheap & easy - quick fixes to fight the crack:

1- if you are vpl-phobic... go commando - try these non-maxi pad panty shields - 8 single-use cotton patches for $16.00.

2- if you rather c.y.a... try old navy's mesh hipster - thin enough to disguise a vpl & breathable for a sweaty practice, plus they are low enough to avoid rising above your yoga pant line, just $12.00 for 3.


how do you spell budget-friendly lululemon?


that's right thrifty yogis, lululemon opened the doors of its newest discount location on november 6th at orlando premium outlets. yet another reason to escape to the sunshine state as winter encroaches upon us in the northern parts.

location, location, location:

8200 vineland avenue, suite 1035
orlando, fl 32021

the yogadeal: check out events here or follow them on twitter!


get more LOVE for LESS

nyc's organic avenue is launching into a new space, the a
lkaline elixir bar & live food lounge.

attend the grand opening party to get a taste of the pricier side of a healthier lifestyle for just $10 & in lieu of go-go dancers there will yogis in various asana poses.

116 suffolk street, between rivington & delancey
wednesday, 11.11.2009
6 pm - 2 am

for delicious deets about the evening's events go here.

BONUS: drawing at 9 pm for a free LOVE clean$$$e of your choice

RSVP www.organicavenue.com

yogadeal: starting 11.11.09 & throughout november organic avenue prepared food & juice will be 11% off & all LOVE cleanses & detox programs will be 22% off.


students learn yoga in layers... so bundle up!

warming up & cooling down in your asana practice are important & so is dressing in layers so that you can take them off as you build heat & add some heat when your body is done working for the time being. also, it's cold out, so layering is practically a daily requirement.!

alternative apparel (think: american apparrel without the 70's porno sales pitch) has some great thin layers in a variety of styles. the long & the short of it is that their sleeved items (read: shirts) are 25% off until 11.14.09, just enter CELN92 at checkout.


start your thanks & giving early

it's november, can you believe it?! kick off the official holiday season with a happy hour dedicated to bent on learning: