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build your own meditation seat

you know that seemingly useless, outdated book that randomly shows up at your doorstep periodically? that's right - the phonebook. well, try teaching that old dog a new trick before you kick it to [recycling on] the curb next time.

if these brick-like books are good enough as a makeshift booster seat for a little one, they can certainly ass-ist you in your meditation practice, giving you a firm cushion under your cushion for better, more comfortable posture.

need more lift? just add another one to the stack.

to really transform your phonebook(s) into a meditation seat, place it inside a pillow case [you know, the one you still have that lost its mate to the sock monster ages ago...]


how-to make your old yoga pants into new yoga shorts

do you have a pair of yoga pants that are the equivalent to tattered & much-loved childhood blankie? if you still love the fit, color (whatever makes you giddy about them) but the bottoms have seen better days, here's a simple way to reincarnate your favorite pants into shorts (no sewing required)!

to summarize:
step 1: try on your pants

step 2: mark your ideal short length on one leg (just a little do of marker will do the trick) - go a little longer just in case, you can always trim more later

step 3: remove pants & lay on flat surface to cut

step 4: use your kitchen scissors (they are usually pretty sharp) to make on straight cut where you made your mark

step 5: continuing cutting the first pant leg until you are finished (if the pants are not too think you can usually cut both back & front at the same time)

step 6: try on the pants to see if you like the way your new shorts feel after just cutting the one leg

step 7: trim the first pant leg shorter & re-try-on (if you want to go shorter)

step 8: take off the pants & lay flat again

step 9: fold the pants so that the altered side lies on top of the longer leg & use it as a guide to cut the other pant leg.

step 10: pull on your new shorts & get to your yoga class!


multi-tasking wardrobe pieces for yoga in the summer

although naked yoga is an option, it's not for everyone, even when the hot days of summer tempt us to strip down to our skivvies.

before you open your wallet, open your wardrobe, you may be surprised to find that you are already equipped for summer (yoga) school.

multi-tasking (already in your) wardrobe pieces for yoga in the summer:
  1. survey your swimsuits - look for your more modest pieces that might not scream sexy, but do provide ample coverage to avoid the nip-slip & private peek-a-boos (you never know where the yogarazzi will be lurking). one pieces tend to keep all of your bits in place, better than than itsy bitsy bikinis.

  2. bike your way to bakasana bottoms - form-fitting bike shorts can also double as yoga shorts. if you tend to get sweaty limbs during your practice, opt for longer (think: capri or bermuda length) shorts to provide some grip when you are working on arm balancing poses.

  3. cover up for savasana - get more life out of your beach cover up by toting it with you to practice for light coverage during savasana to help regulate your body temperature (which tends to drop when in this resting pose).

lastly, remember that although enjoying the sunshine is a wonderful part of summer, it can be strong, so always slather on the sunscreen before you suit up for the day - & then bring some with you to reapply during the day. (hint: the spf # indicates how many minutes you have of sun protection before you need to reapply - so if you are planning on a 60-minute asana - opt for 70 instead of the 15.)


boomerang your yoga - the nyc benefit challenge

have you been hit with the karmic boomerang lately? if it doesn't feel like it has come your way in a while, it's probably because it's your turn to pay it forward & send some good energy out there for others.

no need to think about your next karmic move - it's already been decided - attend the mandala in motion event on thursday, june 17th! all proceeds go to the non-prof, the art in all of us & to the kids in its programs that teach other kids through their own art about tolerance & awareness of a spectrum of cultures.

the forever-giving folks at boomerang yoga will be hosting this yogic evening at a swank gallery in the heart of soho. festivities include a sacred strength yoga flow class with stephanie culen, a gong meditation by hari kaur, & some very special performances.

in addition to the delicious nibbles during the event, the karmic forces will already begin returning the favor for your attendance with a stellar goodie bag & the chance to win many substantial raffle prizes, like a 6-month membership to yogaworks, a pair of nikes & even a golden ticket to betty surfcamp in ecuador! (remember to bring some extra cash for these.)

mandala in action
yoga benefit challenge to support art in all of us

thursday, june 17th
william bennett gallery
(65 greene street)

the yogadeal: for a minimium donation of $108 (just create your own fundraising site, it's super quick, plus your friends & fam can help support your admission ticket!) you'll not only leave with that warm & fuzzy feeling of supporting the arts & children, but you'll also be pretty blissed out from the jam-packed agenda... just make sure you save up enough energy to lug home all of your goodies.


yoga's out for summer - for free, for real, near you

yoga in the park bryant Pictures, Images and Photosremember what your mama told you, "it's a beautiful day, go yoga outside!"
(tomAto, tomOto - yoga, play - same deal)

slather on the sunscreen, grab your mat & hit up a park near you! all across the country there are outdoor yoga events happening for FREE (hence making them yogadeals-worthy).

here's just a taste of what you can find.

new york - not to make other cities feel bad - but we are really leading the way in free park yoga for the masses:

summer weeklies:

once in a lifetime opps:
other cities that are maybe closer to you:
remember, sharing is caring, post your freebie outdoorsy events in the comments.


yoga notes

nothing beats a heartfelt message in your mailbox - as in your snail mailbox. as much of our communication these days is electronic whether that be via texting or email, it always seems so much more personal if you are able to send a letter utilizing your own penmanship because let's face it, you'll either delete an email (or it will drown in your inbox), but you'll keep a card. so make your elementary school teachers proud & bring a smile to a friend's face with a little yoga note.

here are some possible topics to get your pen flowing:
  • life updates
  • invite a friend to a yoga class (or teach him/her one - a private lesson between two friends)
  • an inspirational quote
  • a recipe for a great dish or a yoga sequence!
(other ideas for topics? please post them in the comments, i'd love to know!)

the yogadeal: for just $2 (+ a first-class stamp) you can send someone a little joy.
this card set comes in a pack of 6 for $12!


spring sole cleansing

spring means warmer muscles, less bulky layers to tote & 86'ing the need for closed-toe shoes - yes, flip flop season has arrived! but after you flip off your flops take a quick peak at your soles - as in the bottoms of your feet - for mysterious grime & debris that managed to get embedded on your way to the yoga studio. try some instant cleaners that pack easily in your bag when you can't get a foot bath in to avoid mucking up your mat.

here are two natural options that help fight the funk, dirt & smell delicious too without artificial or harmful ingredients:

for lavender lovers try eo sanitizing wipes ($0.89 per single wipe). these single packs are handy if you are traveling light (although that means more for the wastelands). rest assured the alcohol is organic, which means it's non-gmo & helps support sustainable agriculture.

if you prefer to see the world through rose-colored glasses, get floral with shobha rosewater freshening cloths ($9.00 for a 10-count pouch). the bundle of wipes are still thin enough for easy travel, just make sure you toss the cloths in the trash (not the toilet) when you've finished cleansing your soiled soles.

the yogadeal: remember your foundation is important, so take good care of your tootsies! at the very least pack a damp washcloth in a baggie to cleanse your feet & keep your mat clean.


everyone could use a lil boogie in their daily intentions

staying present, in the moment & ultimately remembering why exactly you are living that experience can be tough with all of the external & internal noise whelming us. try setting a daily intention for the day & writing it down in a place that you can go back to throughout the daily to help you stay mindful of it. tech-savvy, tree-hugging yogis can jot down thoughts on a boogie board lcd writing tablet (you can also hang it on the wall) - a paperless memo that still allows you to put your penmanship to use without the stench of those intoxicating dry erase markers (ok, sometimes they are fun to smell, but we're going for mental clarity here).

if you are feeling a writer's block coming on, why reinvent the wheel? take snippets of inspiration from books, songs, movies & other characters in your life & trying walking around with someone else's perspective for a day.

the yogadeal: for $35.00 you can purchase a
boogie board, keeping your thoughts fresh, while never worrying about your pen running out of ink or getting high off marker fumes. the boogie board can also be great for to do lists, appointment reminders, or even writing out an asana sequence. the only down side is that the battery will need to be replaced after a year or two of use & the erase button at the top gives you a clean slate each time, so if you have important info on there, make sure you have it somewhere else before you press erase.

what's your favorite intention? (share 'em in comment section, purdy please.)


yogis get jerky

success! a new treasure is found on the hunt for snacks that will curb pre (or post)-class hunger that is gentle for digesting & doesn't add the fullness that can make you dread twisting poses. primal spirit food offers a variety of vegan jerkies with some delicious flavors. while most of the jerkies are made with seitan or soy, a yogadeals fave is the hot & spicy jerky which is made with shiitake mushrooms. all of the flavors offer protein but no GMOs or MSG. these jerkies are a pleasant surprise, especially when if you have a personal disgust for sticks of meat known to the layperson as slim jims (even before going veg... just sayin').

the yogadeal: primal strips are available locally in singles for under $2 so you can test out the flavors before committing to a 24-pack for about $22.


plant your yoga allowance for earth day

reduce your carbon footprint & help the environment through a home practice on earth day. go on, get outside - in your backyard, on the sidewalk, or wherever you can find some sunshine - & get grounded with an asana ecosystem of vrksanas, tadasanas & surya mamaskaras to salute the environment & all of the animal poses you can think of to honor the wildlife that put up with all-things human. then take those funds, that you would have spent either at the studio or the deli (when you are grabbing a post-yoga snack), & donate them to american forests.

the yogadeal: give a little green to plant a little more green. since every dollar counts, dedicate some of your greenbacks this earth day to the birthday planet (it's on thursday, 4/22 in case you forgot).


unlimited yoga classes for $25 a month on your schedule

are the days getting away from you? no matter how early you get into the office or how much you plan, do you always seem to just miss making it to the studio for yoga class?
(confession: this scenario is more of a self-tale, kind of like when you are looking for advice about a 'friend's problem'...)

if you find yourself in the same nava (read: boat), yogavibes is your lifeguard.
yoga class can be just an internet stream away.

offers an a-to-z list of yoga styles with a slew of well-known instructors, like ana forrest, kathryn budig & sadie nardini, all sorted into 3 difficulty levels for your searching convenience.

the yogadeal: $25 a month gets you unlimited access to the 85 classes currently on the site, or you can always window shop by checking out the shorter, FREE vignettes (read: mini sessions). try yogavibes, it can bring class to you when you can't seem to get to it.


energize your asana with a veggie smoothie

ever have a veggie smoothie?
does that sound gross?
well it's not, so don't knock it until you try it.

this recipe is the 'gateway smoothie' to help you come over to the veggie-side, plus making it at home you can save the environment & a few spendy bucks!

here's what you'll need to start you off:
1 small cucumber (or half of a large one) - peeled if not organic

1 generous handful of spinach (washed of course)

1 avocado

1/2 a lemon

a little water (like half a cup)

and now what to do:
  1. wash your veggies
  2. get your blender out
  3. cut cucumber into chunks
  4. de-pitt avocado (& yes, de-skin it too), cut into chunks
  5. place the spinach in the blender first, then pile in the cucumber & avocado
  6. add in water
  7. squeeze the lemon over the veggies in the blender
  8. put the top on the blender & smoothify your veggies
  9. pour into 1 large glass (or 2 smaller glass to share) or you can pour it in a bowl to enjoy it as a cold soup (great for hot days!)
the yogadeal: you get 3 servings of veggies in a guilt-free smoothie with no hidden sugars via your own kitchen, saving your wallet from the spendy juice bar. for more great juice & veggie smoothie recipes, pick up a copy of 'jucing, fasting, & detoxing for life.' for just $14.99 it even gives you specific cleanses to target each part of your digestive system & gives you some great charts on what veggies have which superpowers (as in what vitamins they are packed with).


enjoy namast-eggs on easter

hoppy easter everyone!

for all of those celebrating the religious holiday or just enjoy a glorious sunday, the folks at three minute egg are offer a sale even the vegan can enjoy. personally, allergic to eggs this is the only way i like my eggs served.

for the full yogadeal product review, check out this previous post.
the yogadeal: use coupon code: easter2010 for 10% off & free shipping on domestic orders, but hurry because this offer is only valid for today, easter sunday (4/4/2010).


life inspires asana

true, the first two asanas - tadasana (mountain) & svasana (corpse) - were not that lively. but luckily yogis began adding new poses inspired by the nature & the creatures in their world. for some great inspiration & to get a better understanding of the animals your practice emulates, watch the discovery channel's new series, life, which is not only gorgeous eye candy, but will feed your brain too. the 11-part series is narrated by oprah, so there's something for everyone.

so far a fave of mine is the mudskipper, a fish comfortable being out of water.

the yogadeal: watch sundays at 8pm - free (or rather included in your bill) for those with cable, or invest in the dvd set for $48.99 (reg. $59.95)


time management on the yoga mat

ever find yourself with your eyes on the clock rather than on your practice? when you're at home, there is usually no one there to tell you that it's been an hour, or you should really start winding down your flow because it's almost time to go to work...

consider this new cd music to your ears and the answer to your time management while on the mat. my yoga 2 go just launched its first cd of 60-minute continuous chill music with gongs at 1 & 3 minute intervals to keep your flow on track, plus a 15-minute meditation at the end.

the yogadeal: now through tax day (april 15th), get the my yoga 2 go cd for $10 (reg. $19.95); enter promo code MUSIC at checkout, offer is 1 per customer.


go bananas over these tasty treats

ever had a busy day & find yourself starving, but headed to yoga class? (ok, that was a rhetorical question.)

try some premium puffed fruits! they're dried & super sweet, giving you some instant energy without any added sugar, but also won't weigh you down in class. they are also a quick-fix for post-asana tummy rumbles & the pouches are small enough to sneak them in your mat bag.

explorer's bounty gallop a loozas puffed cinnamon banana are all-natural as well as organic. finally a banana that won't squish & bruise in your bag! plus, the sprinkle of cinnamon not only tastes great, but helps reduce bloating.

the yogadeal: get gallop a loozas puffed cinnamon banana from explorer's bounty
at luckyvitamin.com (one of my fave sites as you know!) for just $2.03 (reg. is $2.49).


this week in nyc yoga deals

it looks like the weather is turning around in nyc! so get out there & get your yoga on (without breaking the piggybank - of course). here are some highlights from yogadeals' sister blog, ny yoga examiner, that features ny-centric yoga happenings: send your local deals in to yogadeals@gmail.com - remember, after all sharing is caring.


yoga resources found on the interwebs

looking to start a yoga practice? have an unquenchable thirst for yoga knowledge?

add these finds to your

for yoga books, visit
rodmell press. this small publishing house dabbles in yoga, aikido, buddhism & taoism - plus, they have a 'bargain' section.

for digital yoga, check out yoga journal's new download center. proof that yogis everywhere can be tech-savvy & still be yoga-centric. most offerings are the price of your usual dvd, but provide instant gratification via download.

for iPhone yoga, try the new authentic yoga app. for only $2.99 (or enter to win it!) get your own personal yoga guru who will always be just an iTouch away via the guidance of tara stiles & deepak chopra.

for music to keep your yoga flowing, trust candence revolution.
the site is full of free, indie music worthy of a listen & an asana.

there, that should satiate your yoga needs for a bit.... did we miss something? let us know (in the comments section or via email)!


be stink-free on the mat without any nasty chemicals

what stinks more than a smelly yogi in class?

a deodorant that uses bad-for-you ingredients.

enter your new yoga partner, arm&hammer essentials natural deodorant, because stinking it up in class can be the pits. now this deodorant helps you follow your yogic principle of sauchat, without the worry of aluminum (yes, as in metal) & parabens (bad preservatives that are linked to cancer & infertility) that are found in many brands out there.

the yogadeal: grab a four-pack from amazon.com for just $15.48 & keep a few spairs in your bag for other yogis in need.


patience in the present

dear thrifty yogis & yoginis,

i wanted to give everyone a head's up on the mia yogadealer (read: me). i am in the midst of a move (the unpacking is almost over) & i have yet to officially connect to the interwebs other than via my phone. so in this challenging moment, i ask for your patience & promise some good posts in the next few days!



how-to be a gangsta on the mat - a splurge worthy find

although a little spendier than the usual yoga deal, spiritual gangster is bad ass(ana) & in my book - worthy of the splurge. they offer a variety of shirts (many of which are already sold out). this burnt-out, unisexy baseball long-sleeve tee really caught my eye as i love the message & the look (read: win-win!). so if there are any secret admirers wanting to send me a last minute valentine my address is...

the yogadeal: for $44, it's a comfy shirt that is so much fun, is likely to catch others off guard & will definitely remain in your wardrobe for years to come. (even though it looks like they are all sold out on their site, you can still get the tees here!)


the meditator's mix tape

with mix tapes & now even cds, things of the past, the underlying theme still remains - making a thoughtful compliation of music for someone you care for truly, madly &/or deeply. modern meditations has taken it one step further, creating unique renditions of top tunes from today's (& yesterday's) pop culture. with a tag line of breathe in, rock out plus songs from coldplay, the beatles, u2, & radiohead, they may have just tapped yogi & yogini's infinite playlist.

the yogdeal: 4 fresh takes on albums worthy of asana flow - each for $17.


50 hands-on how-tos for your valentine

dabble in the language of love this valentine's day with a fun take on the kama sutra! true story - i first found this deck of cards from chronicle books while at an airport in athens, greece back in 2004, so i purchased my set there, but the great news is that it is also available in the states.

the deck of 50 cards not only translates the ancient text into digestible pieces, it also gives suggested activities & even a playlist of songs to help set the mood.

the yogadeal: for only $14.95, show your love this v-day to your yogi because these 50 cards mean (& illustrate how) you want that special someone to be yours a lot more than just the normal one valentine.


push-up leggings

yoga butt, a coveted side effect of a regular asana practice, is alluring to new yoginis & apparently is a great-selling point for activewear pants (*ahem* old navy).

butt it seems to be a growing trend (all puns intended here). now the girdle is moving beyond the usual suspects of undergarments & is venturing into leggings (read: yoga class apparel).

enter shapeFX, who is capitalizing on this idea of instant gratification with a variety of length & width options -
capri ($15), slim ($19), high-waisted ($24), boot cut ($24) & wide-leg ($29).

the yogadeal: for less than the price of some of the fancier yoga-branded booty pants out there, shapeFX's line of leggings appear to cover more than the basics & add an extra emphasis on the rear without a spendy price tag ($15-$29).

no word yet on see-throughness of the material - a deal breaker for (or at least for me) sporting them to a public class...

anyone have a pair already?
i am personally considering a pair of the high-waisted to keep all of my bits covered during inversions - there i said it, they got me...


lotus flower & rice powder - the recipe to reveal radiant skin

cleanser meets exfoliant in herbology's lotus flower & rice powder scrub, the perfect remedy to brighten your chilly day, acting as a catalyst to reveal your inner beauty by shedding outer dead, wintered & weathered petals (read: layer of skin). not only does it smell deliciously sweet, but it is also made with completely legit, safe-for-you ingredients! all of herbology's skincare products are packed with natural ingredients that are vegan & gluten-free friendly - translation: herbology is perfect skincare for sensitive skin!

the yogadeal: natural, sensitive & inexpensive - enjoy a 4oz bottle of herbology's lotus flower & rice powder face scrub for just $8.99. you also get free samples with each order!


yoga deals this week

prana garage sale - out with the old, in with the new! cleanse your closet & add some new essentials to your yoga wardrobe for 30-50% off.

satya sample sale - the yoga-inspired jewelry bids farewell to it's soho pop-up store in manhattan. enjoy their goodbye deals this week only.

nau clearance - savor up to 60% off nau's line of unique activewear. finally pricing that makes it affordable to shop this swank site!


snuggle up to savasana - cotton blankies for $10

snuggie, shmuggie, get the natural deal instead.

bundle up this chilly winter with a
cotton blanket for savasana. at just $10, they could me the mailable hug for those on your valentine's day list! consider these the cozy cotton threads if you teach/host yoga in your home/studio when your guests need an extra layer of warmth.

the yogadeal: yogadirect is having a mega blowout sale, these $10 blankets are just skimming the top of a brimming site of discount goodies galore.


old navy's buying - free classes at reflections yoga in nyc

pull on your new spendy-thrifty goga pants from old navy & a go-go to reflections yoga for a free class at reflections yoga, a little bubble of yoga bliss in the heart of hectic mid-town. but hurry, this offer (like all good offers are) is for a limited time only!

flock to midtown on wednesday, january 20th or thursday, january 21st this week for a free class. eager yogis, please note old navy is only buying one round (read: one free class per person) & it is not applicable for the early am ashtanga class, but who wants to get up that early anyway?

registration is open, but space is limited.
call 212.974.2288
email brenna@reflectionsyoga.com
to reserve your spot in class.

reflections yoga
250 west 49th street, 2nd floor
(between 8th & broadway)


old navy promises 'instant yoga butt' for $12

has anyone seen the recent old navy commercials with their creepy mannequins?

this new one promotes an "instant yoga butt" when you put on their
yoga pants which are on sale current for $12.00.

although i am unsure about the instant sculpting, the pants for just $12 may be a worthy trip to your cyber shopping cart or a reason to get out of the house in this cold weather.

the yogadeal: $12 yoga pants, 'instant yoga butt' results not typical - unless you already have one. (i have had a pair for several years that many folks mistake for lululemon's, & they are still in my class wardrobe rotation.)


meditation music

enjoy 45 minutes of tibetan singing bowls to help you meditate from 33 bowls.

what are tibetan singing bowls? no,they are not part of some new trend sport (karaoke meets bowling). they are from the standing bell family & are also known to some as gongs. unlike the usual bell that you may think of, the open part of the bell points up, while what usually looks like the top of the bell, rests on the floor, hence the name - bowl. when the sides & rim are hit, the vibration produces various sounds which have been known to induce a trance-like state, ideal for meditation.

the yogadeal: listen for free or download the full album, a total of 72 minutes, for a measly $1.78 from amazon.com.