push-up leggings

yoga butt, a coveted side effect of a regular asana practice, is alluring to new yoginis & apparently is a great-selling point for activewear pants (*ahem* old navy).

butt it seems to be a growing trend (all puns intended here). now the girdle is moving beyond the usual suspects of undergarments & is venturing into leggings (read: yoga class apparel).

enter shapeFX, who is capitalizing on this idea of instant gratification with a variety of length & width options -
capri ($15), slim ($19), high-waisted ($24), boot cut ($24) & wide-leg ($29).

the yogadeal: for less than the price of some of the fancier yoga-branded booty pants out there, shapeFX's line of leggings appear to cover more than the basics & add an extra emphasis on the rear without a spendy price tag ($15-$29).

no word yet on see-throughness of the material - a deal breaker for (or at least for me) sporting them to a public class...

anyone have a pair already?
i am personally considering a pair of the high-waisted to keep all of my bits covered during inversions - there i said it, they got me...


lotus flower & rice powder - the recipe to reveal radiant skin

cleanser meets exfoliant in herbology's lotus flower & rice powder scrub, the perfect remedy to brighten your chilly day, acting as a catalyst to reveal your inner beauty by shedding outer dead, wintered & weathered petals (read: layer of skin). not only does it smell deliciously sweet, but it is also made with completely legit, safe-for-you ingredients! all of herbology's skincare products are packed with natural ingredients that are vegan & gluten-free friendly - translation: herbology is perfect skincare for sensitive skin!

the yogadeal: natural, sensitive & inexpensive - enjoy a 4oz bottle of herbology's lotus flower & rice powder face scrub for just $8.99. you also get free samples with each order!


yoga deals this week

prana garage sale - out with the old, in with the new! cleanse your closet & add some new essentials to your yoga wardrobe for 30-50% off.

satya sample sale - the yoga-inspired jewelry bids farewell to it's soho pop-up store in manhattan. enjoy their goodbye deals this week only.

nau clearance - savor up to 60% off nau's line of unique activewear. finally pricing that makes it affordable to shop this swank site!


snuggle up to savasana - cotton blankies for $10

snuggie, shmuggie, get the natural deal instead.

bundle up this chilly winter with a
cotton blanket for savasana. at just $10, they could me the mailable hug for those on your valentine's day list! consider these the cozy cotton threads if you teach/host yoga in your home/studio when your guests need an extra layer of warmth.

the yogadeal: yogadirect is having a mega blowout sale, these $10 blankets are just skimming the top of a brimming site of discount goodies galore.


old navy's buying - free classes at reflections yoga in nyc

pull on your new spendy-thrifty goga pants from old navy & a go-go to reflections yoga for a free class at reflections yoga, a little bubble of yoga bliss in the heart of hectic mid-town. but hurry, this offer (like all good offers are) is for a limited time only!

flock to midtown on wednesday, january 20th or thursday, january 21st this week for a free class. eager yogis, please note old navy is only buying one round (read: one free class per person) & it is not applicable for the early am ashtanga class, but who wants to get up that early anyway?

registration is open, but space is limited.
call 212.974.2288
email brenna@reflectionsyoga.com
to reserve your spot in class.

reflections yoga
250 west 49th street, 2nd floor
(between 8th & broadway)


old navy promises 'instant yoga butt' for $12

has anyone seen the recent old navy commercials with their creepy mannequins?

this new one promotes an "instant yoga butt" when you put on their
yoga pants which are on sale current for $12.00.

although i am unsure about the instant sculpting, the pants for just $12 may be a worthy trip to your cyber shopping cart or a reason to get out of the house in this cold weather.

the yogadeal: $12 yoga pants, 'instant yoga butt' results not typical - unless you already have one. (i have had a pair for several years that many folks mistake for lululemon's, & they are still in my class wardrobe rotation.)


meditation music

enjoy 45 minutes of tibetan singing bowls to help you meditate from 33 bowls.

what are tibetan singing bowls? no,they are not part of some new trend sport (karaoke meets bowling). they are from the standing bell family & are also known to some as gongs. unlike the usual bell that you may think of, the open part of the bell points up, while what usually looks like the top of the bell, rests on the floor, hence the name - bowl. when the sides & rim are hit, the vibration produces various sounds which have been known to induce a trance-like state, ideal for meditation.

the yogadeal: listen for free or download the full album, a total of 72 minutes, for a measly $1.78 from amazon.com.