life inspires asana

true, the first two asanas - tadasana (mountain) & svasana (corpse) - were not that lively. but luckily yogis began adding new poses inspired by the nature & the creatures in their world. for some great inspiration & to get a better understanding of the animals your practice emulates, watch the discovery channel's new series, life, which is not only gorgeous eye candy, but will feed your brain too. the 11-part series is narrated by oprah, so there's something for everyone.

so far a fave of mine is the mudskipper, a fish comfortable being out of water.

the yogadeal: watch sundays at 8pm - free (or rather included in your bill) for those with cable, or invest in the dvd set for $48.99 (reg. $59.95)


time management on the yoga mat

ever find yourself with your eyes on the clock rather than on your practice? when you're at home, there is usually no one there to tell you that it's been an hour, or you should really start winding down your flow because it's almost time to go to work...

consider this new cd music to your ears and the answer to your time management while on the mat. my yoga 2 go just launched its first cd of 60-minute continuous chill music with gongs at 1 & 3 minute intervals to keep your flow on track, plus a 15-minute meditation at the end.

the yogadeal: now through tax day (april 15th), get the my yoga 2 go cd for $10 (reg. $19.95); enter promo code MUSIC at checkout, offer is 1 per customer.


go bananas over these tasty treats

ever had a busy day & find yourself starving, but headed to yoga class? (ok, that was a rhetorical question.)

try some premium puffed fruits! they're dried & super sweet, giving you some instant energy without any added sugar, but also won't weigh you down in class. they are also a quick-fix for post-asana tummy rumbles & the pouches are small enough to sneak them in your mat bag.

explorer's bounty gallop a loozas puffed cinnamon banana are all-natural as well as organic. finally a banana that won't squish & bruise in your bag! plus, the sprinkle of cinnamon not only tastes great, but helps reduce bloating.

the yogadeal: get gallop a loozas puffed cinnamon banana from explorer's bounty
at luckyvitamin.com (one of my fave sites as you know!) for just $2.03 (reg. is $2.49).


this week in nyc yoga deals

it looks like the weather is turning around in nyc! so get out there & get your yoga on (without breaking the piggybank - of course). here are some highlights from yogadeals' sister blog, ny yoga examiner, that features ny-centric yoga happenings: send your local deals in to yogadeals@gmail.com - remember, after all sharing is caring.


yoga resources found on the interwebs

looking to start a yoga practice? have an unquenchable thirst for yoga knowledge?

add these finds to your

for yoga books, visit
rodmell press. this small publishing house dabbles in yoga, aikido, buddhism & taoism - plus, they have a 'bargain' section.

for digital yoga, check out yoga journal's new download center. proof that yogis everywhere can be tech-savvy & still be yoga-centric. most offerings are the price of your usual dvd, but provide instant gratification via download.

for iPhone yoga, try the new authentic yoga app. for only $2.99 (or enter to win it!) get your own personal yoga guru who will always be just an iTouch away via the guidance of tara stiles & deepak chopra.

for music to keep your yoga flowing, trust candence revolution.
the site is full of free, indie music worthy of a listen & an asana.

there, that should satiate your yoga needs for a bit.... did we miss something? let us know (in the comments section or via email)!


be stink-free on the mat without any nasty chemicals

what stinks more than a smelly yogi in class?

a deodorant that uses bad-for-you ingredients.

enter your new yoga partner, arm&hammer essentials natural deodorant, because stinking it up in class can be the pits. now this deodorant helps you follow your yogic principle of sauchat, without the worry of aluminum (yes, as in metal) & parabens (bad preservatives that are linked to cancer & infertility) that are found in many brands out there.

the yogadeal: grab a four-pack from amazon.com for just $15.48 & keep a few spairs in your bag for other yogis in need.