aahhhhh, the tweet life

are you on twitter? i am! follow me @yogadeals to get periodic daily updates about deals & bargains my fellow tweeters share with me [read: shameless self promote - hey, i'm only doing it because i need to get to 2,000 so i can finally start following more tweeps!]! here's a taste of what you'll find:
  1. $36 cotton capri yoga pants with back slits http://joyfulyogastudio.com... made by a costa rican mama @joyfulyoga @jiggaroo
  2. @ecosteal through june 29th only on http://www.ecosteal.com - 50% off pure fiber's 100% bamboo sport towels (set of 4)! $26!
  3. rt @gratitudecircle I will have a highly productive day & my work will be done w/ease & an abundant amount of items will be cked off my list
  4. @kmaverick i know that tossed (http://www.tossed.com) has free wi-fi - they are a salad restaurant but also serve coffee :)

  5. make your own mandala free: www.girlsgotech.org/mandala...
  6. calvin klein coupon http://www.cku.com buy 2 bras, get 1 free - use code FREEBRA at checkout; exp. 6/28

  7. just got home from some free yoga with @carolynlhsu on the sunny penthouse of cooper square hotel http://www.thecoopersquareh...
  8. free pinkberry tonight 5-9! http://bit.ly/60StC
  9. attention fellow yogi/inis $300 off fantasy vacay http://bit.ly/26BO9

  10. @ecoyogawear definitely keep me in the loop about the new line :)


$300 off fantasy vacay

escape to shape, the traveling spa, offers globe-trotting retreats packed with itineraries that include yoga, nutrition & wellness. could this be the answer to coming back thinner from vacay? not sure if i'll find out anytime soon, but escape to shape is offering $300 off trips to zihuatanejo & cartagena when you mention yogadeals (check out their site to find out where those actually are in the world). otherwise you can join me on twitter & vicariously enjoy these trips through escapetoshape and yogamermaid tweets.


my yoga solstice booty

welcome to my first official vlog (filmed using my flip mino hd cam)! here's an inside look at what i got in my goodie bag from the solstice in times square! in addition to free classes by top nyc yoga instructors, i got a goodie bag. there were actually even more yoga freebies inside, but i thought i'd give you a brief glance, so press play to see all the goods.

maybe next year, they'll figure out how to do these freebies with less paper for a greener solstice - i would certainly take a sunnier one!

solstice sunday recap

despite the sporadic downpours in nyc, solstice sunday was still jam-packed with yoga. my day began with the 8am session for solstice in times square which was surprisingly crowded - just going to show that although yogis are sweet people, they don't melt in rain, instead they rally! it was really amazing to take in all of the energy of times square & fellow yogis into my asana practice - a true wake up call- no caffeine needed. (check out this youtube video that i found.)

rachel's wickedly delicious sponsored the event so there were some free (but flimsy) mats already in place when we got there & then each participant (i believe up to the first 1,500 received) a goodie bag in a reusuable tote, large enough to fit some yoga mats, packed with product freebies & plenty of coupons.

after the solstice, i headed over to the very cozy new home of levitate yoga on 49th & 8th for an afternoon of sampler classes (45 minutes) that ranged from a basics to acro to restorative - really something for everyone. in addition there was a mini wellness fair in the studio's main space that was filled with interesting little companies like clean plates, jurlique, & shobha. the sun-drenched classrooms & open communal space are sure to be the midtown's new escape for yogis & those seeking wellness treatments.

all in all a terrific sunday, so great that i passed out at 7pm that night!

deal: if you practice at levitate in july, you get august free - check in with the loverlies at levitate for more deets.


a vege-addict gets her fix in nyc

"made of a little more than water & sunlight, vegetables are candy from the dirt."

dirt candy
, a teeny restaurant that sprouted up in the east village last october, is definitely blossoming with it's delectable assortment of sophisticated cuisine for the herbivores among us. their signature dishes include a surprising portobello mousse & some stone ground grits. in addition to their menu, they also offer a variety of wines which are even offered in half glass portions for the recessionista - or if you want to do your own little tasting, starting at only $3/glass!

definitely don't feel ashamed of not knowing all of the produce on the menu (kristen, our server, was super helpful in explaining) because even i haven't heard of some of the veggies on the menu & have prided myself on my plant knowledge [read: a rather humbling as well as amazing experience since chef amanda cohen really knows her peas & cubes, sure to please any palette, even if you consider yourself a member of the anti-green stuff, meat eaters club].

the deliciousness that i tasted (don't judge, i was sharing!):
  • jalepeno hush puppies with maple butter - no words, just drooling thinking about them.
  • portobello mousse with fennel pear compote
  • golden beet papardelle with yogurt, pistachios & honey - still a little confused about what it all meant - other than yummy.
  • asparagus paella with artichokes, morels & saffron tomato broth - i love me some paella, & this really hit the spot - especially the crispy rice top which gave a great crackling effect upon first forkful.
  • zucchini ginger cake with cream cheese ice cream - i couldn't put my spoon down & just kept reminding myself - 'at least there was no evidence left behind.'
  • popcorn pudding with hazelnut caramel corn - the most indulgent version of popcorn i have tried to date.
all in all, dirt candy offers a refreshingly new & memorable take on vegetarian cuisine! hungry yet?

(ps - all dishes can be made to accomodate the vegan diet!)


solstice yoga cheapies & freebies in nyc

maybe it's because of the official summer solstice or just the hope of sunnier days ahead, but regardless, i'll take it - cheap/free yoga happenings this weekend to look forward to in nyc:

vital juice daily's free pop-up wellness retreat will inhabit the now vacant virgin megastore lot in union square, thursday, june 18th through saturday, jun 20th with tons of freebies from fitness classes & spa treatments to health foods, you just have to sign up for the vjd email (of course there's a catch - but they have great content - promise!).

yoga class & veggie bbq at namaste yoga in billyburg on saturday, june 20th. yoga starts at 2pm & the bbq at 3:30pm to meet & eat for $20. if you rather just come to the bbq, it's only 5 beans to get your eat on!

solstice in times square, a free yoga-fest on sunday, june 21st in the heart of nyc's take on disney world. classes start at 8am, but they are filling up fast!

levitate yoga's grand opening in its new midtown haven on sunday, june 21st, 12:30pm to 8:00pm. $7 gets you in the door for sampler classes, taro readings, henna , mini massage, reflexology, acupuncture & free goodies.


design within stretch - three minute egg - product review

the three minute egg is the new block on the mat, but what's with the name? according to the founder and 'recovering' furniture maker, jason (aka creative dude with a bad back), the name was hatched (i couldn't resist) because of the "great benefits [that] can come from a practice where one holds challenging poses for up to 3 minutes & restorative poses for at least 3 or more." jason also mentioned, that we should be on the lookout for "a series of 3-minute eggs-ercises which people can do at home or in the office when they don't have time for a complete practice. these different mini-routines will target different needs, and different parts of the body-mind connection."

the three minute egg is not some infomercial version of breakfast, but a way to 'think outside the blocks.' the unique shape of the 'eggs' can add strengthening, stretching & restoring benefits to your practice. i recommend the egg-perience 4-pack that comes equipped with 2 dvds & a convenient drawstring backpack for toting, however you can also get the components a la carte. the site offers some great online demos (aka eggs-ercises) of how eggs are not just for eating but for asana.

after giving these eggs a-go during my home practice, i enjoyed how they took even the basic poses, that are quite common through most vinyasa flow sequences, to the next level. they really helped me stay checked in with my alignment in poses like tadasana and utkatasana, with the eggs acting as gentle reminders to inwardly spiral my thighs back & properly align my shoulder. plank with your hands on the eggs really helps to activate your stability by finding my core & the eggs even added to my relaxation in savasana. now that they have been home tested-approved, i have incorporated their use in my private lessons, in which even the yoga newbies can understand how proper alignment should feel in each pose! all in all, these are some good eggs - even willy wonka would approve - completely vegan, but not edible - these are definitely a prop that can grow with you along your egg-cellent yoga journey!

deal: there's no such thing as a rotten egg. jason, the founder, refers to them as "scrambled eggs" - new eggs which arrive from the factory with minor scratches &/or bruises, but still completely functional. he saves these to be sold in bulk to studios & teachers starting at $10/each(!) when you order 24+ eggs; $9/each for 84+ eggs!


design within stretch - eternefit - product review

eternefit mat marries the benefits of a thick eco-mat with the convenience of a built-in memory foam cushion, which makes it great for toting to class - especially if you have (to name just a few):
  • carpal tunnel - super helpful in alleviating pressure on the wrists in down dog
  • knee issues - extra protection for low lunges for this precious joint
  • bony hips - so you can focus on the backbend in bow rather than how badly your hip points may be digging into the ground
the website also offers a slue of information from how to store your mat to great ways to support your practice using this cushy square.

when i gave the mat a test-run, i was pleasantly surprised to feel the soft support in crescent lunge, while it also tested my balance in headstand, really forcing me to activate my center, & it gave me the perfect extra lift while meditating in sukhasana. so, other than a little bulky in the roll-up, i am loving this mat & it is even appealing to my y
oga-phobic boyfriend [read: he may actually give yoga a try if i let him borrow the mat!].

on a side note, the mat is also a great convo-starter & could be the new way to 'meet people' in class [read: yoga class is the new meat market?]. in fact, when i brought my mat out to a vinyasa class - the teacher actually gave it a shout out, along the lines of 'hey, what a cool mat, the padding is already built-in!' & then after class she gave it a try, along with a fellow student who always uses extra padding for her knees!

deal: if you are looking for a new mat & use a block or blanket in your practice, eternefit is a great way to streamline your yoga gear & minimize set-up time between poses so that you can keep your focus throughout your practice as you flow from standing to seated poses.

true, $74.95 may seem hefty, but it can actually be a savings if you were to purchase an
eco-mat ($70) & some yoga blocks ($16) a la carte.


it's official yj is reading blogs


so thrilled to see yogadeals in the glossy august issue of yj (page 85) along with fellow bloggers,
yogadork and elephantbeans!

"start reading the latest gossip from yogadork..... & you'll soon see a mention of budget-friendly classes from yogadeals... which links to a fun story from elephantbeans... about yogis behaving badly."


design within stretch - giving yoga props

yoga meaning 'union' is truly emerging as a viable industry offering countless schools of asana & now innovative props to help yogis everywhere make that connection with mind, body, soul - & now design. just as asana has evolved from the two original poses, tadasana (mountain) & svasana (corpse), so too have the props. after attending the yoga journal conference in nyc, i stumbled upon two of the most practical & perhaps most effective new asana helpers, where form & function have joined for their own sort of yoga, including the evolved block (aka egg) created by a 'recovering' furniture maker with a bad back & an all-in-one eco-mat which began as an f.i.t. professor's vision. stay tuned for my reviews after i give them a test-run!

avoid the yoga footprint

much like the carbon footprint, these days asana-lovers everywhere are now struggling to lighten their yoga footprint - as in the grimy one on the mat. i know i have touched upon sauchat, the principle of cleanliness, in the past when it comes to mats, but let's take a moment to focus on the real culprits here - shall we? dirty feet.

step 1 - acknowledge
that open-toe/flip flop season is in full swing & it's up to you to prevent permanent mat stains.

step 2 - inspect your soles; sitting in badakonasana, just take a look down - craddle & lift up one foot & then the other, observe the color, then ask yourself, 'is this the correct shade?'
let me help you out here, no matter what your skin tone, the soles of your feet & the palms of your hands should always be at least slightly lighter than the dorsal side (e.g., back of the hand, tops of the feet).

step 3 - wash away those worries, accept what you see, (hey, it happens to all of us - i have dirty feet too - its inevitable, i live in nyc & i enjoy wearing sandals) & be proactive. if you have time before class or you are at home, have a little cleansing sessions in the sink/tub (so what if others see you, no need to be embarrassed about keeping clean! you may actually inspire others...). otherwise, if you are in a rush & just barely made it to class by the skin of your teeth, carry some handy helpers with you instead - great for feet & other waterless bird baths you may be in need of.

here are some of my faves:
  • shobha freshening cloths - a handy canister of unscented cloths (so you won't be the one wearing perfume to class) formulated by a company obsessed with sanitary practices (check out their no double-dip waxing policy - it'll make you think twice...)
  • sweet spot on-the-go wipettes in basil grapefruit - conveniently packed in single-use pouches to keep your load light & enjoy a gentle refreshing fragrance (won't overpower) - great if you suffer from stinky feet.
  • momspit in fig & green tea - no, just no. there is no saliva involved, but this foaming anti-bacterial hand sanitizer is great for cleansing the tootsies as well - i like to lather up & then towel off with a tissue.
  • cleanwell - if you're not into foaming 'spit' you may want to test out a lemony spritz of this eco-friendly, bio-degradable germ killer.
moral of the story, check your feet before you check into class!


a good deal is hard to find...

so let me help! what are you currently looking for a deal on? think of yogadeals as the 'union' of questions, answers and of course deals. for yoga or non-yoga related topics, i probably have at least one suggestion!

post your comments/thoughts/quandaries here, pretty please.


organically affordable & comfy

as most would agree, organic is ideal when it comes to food & fabric, but it often comes with a spendy price tag that even the most eco-minded yogis may shy away from in hopes of stretching dollars these days. so, i was elated to find this glorious sale going on at under the canopy, a cyber boutique specializing in style conscious apparel using sustainable and organic fibers while focusing on "human first" working conditions.

deal: [refer to outfit in picture] although i am not likely to wear this 3-piece set altogether, which is equipped with a tunic-length jersey knit top, roll waist pant & a eco-velvet eyemask, the trio is a steal at just $23.99 (orig. $78.00) & shipping is reasonable (about $7 to nyc)!