in with the new, recycle the old

the new year- (& the movie wall-e) has inspired me to cleanse on many levels in hopes of freeing up new space in my life for new experiences & (let's face it) new stuff. i will admit, despite my one body, i have quite a collection of yoga mats & have always felt guilty even considering trashing one.

in the past, i have donated one to a friend as she embarked on her own yogic journey, while helping me justify my new purchase. but it got me thinking, there are places to donate clothes you no longer wear & ways to recycle all of your papers & plastics - but what happens to the yoga mat? is it really yogic to add my mat to the landfills that are consuming this overcrowded planet?

then, like an answer to my prayers, i stumbled upon
www.recycleyourmat.com! stephanie stano has a simply fantastic website and business plan. rym's goal is to collect as many mats as possible, continue conversations with manufacturers & businesses interested in using the mats, as well as partner with them to help make yoga mat sustainability common practice.

rym offers 3 ways to recycle your mat:

1. send rym your mat: recycle your mat, 4777 larkwood street, eugene, or 97405

2. drop off your mat at a collection box; can’t find a box? see #3!

3. set up a collection box; contact rym to set up your own mat collection location


  1. this is awesome! i have a mat that i don't want anymore but didn't know what to do with it! thanks so much!

  2. That's such a great idea, to recycle yoga mats. i have 5 and can benefit from this. thanks for sharing.


  3. I had a question relating to mats that I was wondering if anyone could answer. I recently bought a new one and the smell is horrific. I can't even go near it and it is getting better now that I've been airing it out - does anyone have any other suggestions to deal with that?

  4. thanks everyone for your comments!

    as for the smell of the new mat... if it is a rubber/natural mat, the smell will be less and less. you might try washing the mat if it is really bothering you. some mats you can even put in front loading washing machines, but only air dry it (which can take a few days)!