solstice sunday recap

despite the sporadic downpours in nyc, solstice sunday was still jam-packed with yoga. my day began with the 8am session for solstice in times square which was surprisingly crowded - just going to show that although yogis are sweet people, they don't melt in rain, instead they rally! it was really amazing to take in all of the energy of times square & fellow yogis into my asana practice - a true wake up call- no caffeine needed. (check out this youtube video that i found.)

rachel's wickedly delicious sponsored the event so there were some free (but flimsy) mats already in place when we got there & then each participant (i believe up to the first 1,500 received) a goodie bag in a reusuable tote, large enough to fit some yoga mats, packed with product freebies & plenty of coupons.

after the solstice, i headed over to the very cozy new home of levitate yoga on 49th & 8th for an afternoon of sampler classes (45 minutes) that ranged from a basics to acro to restorative - really something for everyone. in addition there was a mini wellness fair in the studio's main space that was filled with interesting little companies like clean plates, jurlique, & shobha. the sun-drenched classrooms & open communal space are sure to be the midtown's new escape for yogis & those seeking wellness treatments.

all in all a terrific sunday, so great that i passed out at 7pm that night!

deal: if you practice at levitate in july, you get august free - check in with the loverlies at levitate for more deets.


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  2. amazing that so many people still showed up despite the rain and iffy weather. i wish i was in NYC... so many great things to do...

  3. maybe we should take this solstice celebration to other cities?!

  4. I was just in NYC over 4th of July weekend and stayed in a hotel on Times Square -- I wonder if the Naked Cowboy who hangs out in TS participated in the yoga fest?

    Love NYC, by the way!