old navy promises 'instant yoga butt' for $12

has anyone seen the recent old navy commercials with their creepy mannequins?

this new one promotes an "instant yoga butt" when you put on their
yoga pants which are on sale current for $12.00.

although i am unsure about the instant sculpting, the pants for just $12 may be a worthy trip to your cyber shopping cart or a reason to get out of the house in this cold weather.

the yogadeal: $12 yoga pants, 'instant yoga butt' results not typical - unless you already have one. (i have had a pair for several years that many folks mistake for lululemon's, & they are still in my class wardrobe rotation.)


  1. That's hilarious! Gonna check them out too. Just posted on A Mom in Red High Heels my fav yoga pants and the cheaper ones work just as well!

  2. That truly is one creepy lookin' mannequin...

  3. great post on amominredhighheels.com/yoga-pants
    glad to see we are riding the same brain wave.

    yoga for cynics - yes, creepy indeed.

  4. love! I get all of my yoga pants from old navy and they're the best! Reliable and I would say pretty flattering actually.

  5. This is a very comfortable pair of yoga pants. Great in style and fashionable! I really like the flared look on these yoga pants.

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