boomerang your yoga - the nyc benefit challenge

have you been hit with the karmic boomerang lately? if it doesn't feel like it has come your way in a while, it's probably because it's your turn to pay it forward & send some good energy out there for others.

no need to think about your next karmic move - it's already been decided - attend the mandala in motion event on thursday, june 17th! all proceeds go to the non-prof, the art in all of us & to the kids in its programs that teach other kids through their own art about tolerance & awareness of a spectrum of cultures.

the forever-giving folks at boomerang yoga will be hosting this yogic evening at a swank gallery in the heart of soho. festivities include a sacred strength yoga flow class with stephanie culen, a gong meditation by hari kaur, & some very special performances.

in addition to the delicious nibbles during the event, the karmic forces will already begin returning the favor for your attendance with a stellar goodie bag & the chance to win many substantial raffle prizes, like a 6-month membership to yogaworks, a pair of nikes & even a golden ticket to betty surfcamp in ecuador! (remember to bring some extra cash for these.)

mandala in action
yoga benefit challenge to support art in all of us

thursday, june 17th
william bennett gallery
(65 greene street)

the yogadeal: for a minimium donation of $108 (just create your own fundraising site, it's super quick, plus your friends & fam can help support your admission ticket!) you'll not only leave with that warm & fuzzy feeling of supporting the arts & children, but you'll also be pretty blissed out from the jam-packed agenda... just make sure you save up enough energy to lug home all of your goodies.


  1. I am doing yoga everyday but that's just of basic level like breathing and concentrating. I am glad that I came to this blog so I can learn something new and useful.

  2. thanks 'running tights' - so glad to have you as a visitor & contributor to yogadeals :)

  3. It seems like a hot new trend, but yoga actually began more than 3,000 years ago in India. The word yoga is Sanskrit (one of the ancient languages of the East). It means to "yoke," or unite, the mind, body, and spirit.

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  5. I wish I could have attended it. If I would have known about it earlier, would have made it definitely as I was there in mid-June. Bought couple of awesome alo yoga clothing last week from an online store in NYC. Really liked their clothing range!