how-to make your old yoga pants into new yoga shorts

do you have a pair of yoga pants that are the equivalent to tattered & much-loved childhood blankie? if you still love the fit, color (whatever makes you giddy about them) but the bottoms have seen better days, here's a simple way to reincarnate your favorite pants into shorts (no sewing required)!

to summarize:
step 1: try on your pants

step 2: mark your ideal short length on one leg (just a little do of marker will do the trick) - go a little longer just in case, you can always trim more later

step 3: remove pants & lay on flat surface to cut

step 4: use your kitchen scissors (they are usually pretty sharp) to make on straight cut where you made your mark

step 5: continuing cutting the first pant leg until you are finished (if the pants are not too think you can usually cut both back & front at the same time)

step 6: try on the pants to see if you like the way your new shorts feel after just cutting the one leg

step 7: trim the first pant leg shorter & re-try-on (if you want to go shorter)

step 8: take off the pants & lay flat again

step 9: fold the pants so that the altered side lies on top of the longer leg & use it as a guide to cut the other pant leg.

step 10: pull on your new shorts & get to your yoga class!


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  2. I have old yoga and I don't use them because it is not fit to me anymore but I think if I will turn it in to a short like that. It will be so great. Thank you for this idea.

  3. making old yoga pants silk is much better to use.

  4. if i cut the pants, wont the bottoms start to unravel from not being sewn?

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