yoga's out for summer - for free, for real, near you

yoga in the park bryant Pictures, Images and Photosremember what your mama told you, "it's a beautiful day, go yoga outside!"
(tomAto, tomOto - yoga, play - same deal)

slather on the sunscreen, grab your mat & hit up a park near you! all across the country there are outdoor yoga events happening for FREE (hence making them yogadeals-worthy).

here's just a taste of what you can find.

new york - not to make other cities feel bad - but we are really leading the way in free park yoga for the masses:

summer weeklies:

once in a lifetime opps:
other cities that are maybe closer to you:
remember, sharing is caring, post your freebie outdoorsy events in the comments.


  1. tara stiles is teaching a free class in la!
    the standard hotel on sunset on 6/22
    check in with tara at www.tarastiles.com or twitter @tarastiles for more details.

  2. philadelphia, rittenhouse square, saturdays around 2!

  3. thanks miss bee! please post a link to share :)

  4. Wow, what a crowd. I'd love to be there.


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  6. Awesome! many people doing yoga meditation.

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