om factory now manufacturing antigravity

gravity pulling you down? say 'om' & then say 'weeee' as you soar to new levels in your asana practice with a cirque de-surreal yoging perspective.

tomorrow i will be heading to om factory in nyc to try out antigravity yoga, said to be an uplifting experience that complements many other styles of asana. i'm not sure what to expect, but i heart yoga AND swings - so i think this is just the perfect combination!

christopher harrison, the founder of antigravity yoga now teaches a handful of classes (himself!) at om factory.

the yoga deal: i will be using my yoga passbook for a free class tomorrow, but you can also take advantage of their $30 trial week for new students which includes 1 antigravity class!

stay tuned for report on how yoga takes flight!

anyone else try it yet?


  1. confession - my priorities runneth over and i was not able to make it to the class this evening before it got filled (super popular). i am hoping to make it to a class within the next month. i will keep you posted!!!

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