you've got the softest little baby feet

as yogis, between sandals & going barefoot, we put our tootsies through a lot of exposure that much of the rest of the population may not understand. as a result we tend to get dried out &/or callused skin (read: ugly, rough feet).

since i am not huge of pedicures, mainly because of the hidden dangers of the ingredients in many of the prettiest paint shades, my interest was sparked when i came across baby foot. although they are only big in japan right now (seriously, there is only one small japanese grocery store in the states that carries them), i was able to score a pair of these treatment booties on ebay!

here's my vlog journey to give you some visuals:

yogadeal: for a fraction of the price of some spendy exfoliating pedi treatments out there, i got baby soft feet for $22 (free shipping) with minimal effort on my end, safely & naturally in my own home! word to the wise, just make sure you have a good book to read or a movie to watch since it's best to stay still during the 2 hour marination to avoid the slip-n-slide feeling like i did when i tried moving around too much.

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  1. Huh...I've always felt that the more my feet aren't confined by socks and shoes the healthier and better looking they are...then, that might just be because of my hyperactice sweat glands that tend to make them white and mushy a bit too easily...